Dobro došli!

About Yana Puma Center

Yana Puma (Black Jaguar) is  a plant medicine healing and educational center located on river Momon in Loreto, Peru. Center offers traditional healing treatments using a variety of Amazonian plants, ayahuasca, sapo, nunu and tobacco ceremonies, and plant diets.

Our primary objectives are to preserve the jungle and its biodiversity, and to preserve the incredible knowledge and culture of the indigenous people.


The mission of Yana Puma Healing and Educational Center is to help people in the path towards spiritual, physical and mental healing and growth, to ultimately reach their true purpose in life. This is done through unparalleled support on all levels, healing and education while simultaneously preserving and spreading the knowledge, culture and traditions of the indigenous people, which are in danger of being lost forever.

© 2013 by Yana Puma Healing and Educational Center

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